The Vital Components of Flyer Design You Need to Know

The accomplishment of advertising letterbox distribution in Brisbane relies generally upon how viably and expertly you have designed your flyer or pamphlet. If your design is not up to the mark, there are high possibilities that your flyer drops campaign will tumble.  While planning your flyer, you can take a look at some of the significant design elements.


Type and Size

First and foremost, you should decide upon the size of the flyer, that is, whether you want it to be of A4 or A5 size, or any other customized size. You should think about the type and size before designing the flyer. Do not change your decision in the middle of the project otherwise you might have to start off will the design all over again.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency, although often ignored by some businesses, plays a major role in the design of the flyer. For instance, if all the branding materials have a green background with black text, do not jump all of a sudden to use blue background and pink text, in your flyer, however attractive it might be. You must keep in mind that brand recognition is one of the vital factors in building trust. So, do not make your target audience confused regarding your brand identity by including completely different colors in your flyer.

Clarity of theme

It is not possible to include everything about your business in a single flyer. Even if it can be done, the flyer would definitely not look appealing with crowded up text. So, decide upon a particular theme for your flyer drops campaign, and then go for content that is in line with the chosen theme. For instance, a flyer or leaflet promoting a 20% discount on your newly launched product should not contain reports about how your business performed 5 years back.

A captivating headline

Remember that the flyers you distribute will not be read by robots or machines, but by real people. Your target consumers will first quickly scan through the document to decide whether the subject matter interests them. Moving, eye-catchy headlines will draw them towards your content and generate curiosity, ensuring that they continue reading. You should include a large headline that is placed at the top of the flyer and in easily readable.

Attractive imagery

To make your flyer design stand out, make use of a proper balance of text and images. Images help to reinforce the text and add clarity to what you are saying. In case you are promoting a new product, make your flyer engaging by including images of people using that new product. Incorporation of thought-provoking images can help you have a powerful marketing campaign.

Error-free Grammar and Spelling

Text that has perfect grammar and spelling offers a feel-good factor when your target consumers are reading it. If the grammar or spelling is poor, the campaign will not be adequately successful, since there are lesser chances that your target market will engage with your brand.

Take care of these design factors and make your letterbox delivery campaign as successful as ever!


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