The Price Your Business Has to Pay for Poor Letterbox Delivery

Successful promotion of your business is not a matter of moments. It takes time, creativity, patience and effort. There’s no magic involved in an effective letterbox delivery campaign; you have to invest wisely in the planning, designing and printing process for developing a flyer or leaflet that completely represents what your business stands for.

When you have taken all the pains to produce an effective leaflet why let your advertising letterbox distribution in Brisbane go waste by going for an inefficient and undependable flyer drops partner? If you are investing your money on an agency to deliver your flyers, you would definitely expect the team to deliver all your promotional materials. However, many agencies simply dump a majority of your flyers or leaflets, which is indeed a serious concern for your business.

How poor flyer delivery affects your business?

It’s your business which pays the price for improper leaflet delivery. Here are the main consequences that your business has to face:

  • Wasted delivery cost- Suppose you have hired a letterbox delivery company which accepts money from you but does not honor the contract. In such a case, the money you have invested on the agency is wasted.
  • Wasted design expenses- Irrespective of whether you have designed the flyers or leaflets yourself or have hired a company to design on your behalf, if your flyers are not distributed properly, all the effort and time is wasted.
  • Wasted printing cost- Again, undelivered leaflets mean that you are wasting money on the printing too. The wastage is all the more obvious when you have used glossy, superior quality paper.
  • Penalties from local councils- Dumping of leaflets instead of letterbox delivery can invite penalties if such things are discovered by local bodies. Remember, it is your business and not the agency you have hired which comes under inspection.
  • Loss of business reputation- Even a small damage to your reputation can be a serious matter for your business. If the local people disapprove your distribution techniques like dumping or forcing in multiple flyers through the letterboxes, they will definitely not have a very positive impression about your business.

Select your leaflet distributor wisely

If you choose the right provider for letterbox delivery in Brisbane, your job is more than half done. Watch out for these things as you are selecting the distributor.

  • Low price- Do not fall for the price at a glance. If a company offers you an extremely lucrative price but no guarantee for delivery, it would be good to stay away from such a provider.
  • No tracking- GPS flyers campaigns are the ones that are the most successful. So, do not go for providers who do not offer you the facility of GPS tracking.
  • No clarity of terms and conditions- Before you hire a letterbox delivery company, make sure that the contract terms and conditions are clear. If there are any ambiguous areas, get those clarified before finalizing the contract.

Do not become a victim of poor letterbox delivery, because, as you can see, there are considerable costs involved. Always check out the previous history of the company you are selecting and also look into the testimonials or feedback.


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