6pp A4 (Flyers)

Containing 6 x A4 panels (3 on the front and back), those printed brochures are an excellent way to offer detailed information about your corporation, project, undertaking, venue, occasion, or idea to existing and potential customers. Also known as a 6pp A4, due to their big printed area, these brochures can be packed full of finest quality photos, photographs, or comprehensive statistics. These brochures are the best way to really display your company. A glossy image-filled brochure is a notable way to extoll the virtues of your products and services to customers.

Printed 6pp A4 fold to A4 brochures have tremendous longevity and could be retained and stated over and over by using your customers.

This makes them perfect for a big range of printed items, from maps, sales brochures, information sheets, café and restaurant menus, and much more.

Printing Option

At Flyer distribution Brisbane, you can easily select an extensive range of products.


The flat size before folding is 630 x 297mm and the finished size after folding is A4 (210 x 297mm)


Full-color double-sided

Fold Type:

We provide each roll folding and z-folding

When roll folding, your printing might be folded inward twice in the same direction. This will create a brochure with 6 x A4 panels (three per side).

When z-folding, we are able to fold your printing into thirds. Each fold will open inside the contrary path to its neighbor to provide a concertina effect. This will create 6 x A4 panels (3 per aspect)\

Paper Stocks:

We offer a huge variety of stock weights from 150gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm all the manner through to 350gsm. You can pick from our famous gloss and matt-satin art papers and artboards as well as uncoated, recycled, and specialty stock options.


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