Why your Flyers go direct to the bin?

No doubt, Flyer Distribution is a very old and cheap marketing process. But this is an out-dated opinion because flyer distribution is probably one of the most taken for the granted medium of advertising. One who uses it regularly had proved that it is an effective way of generating new clients for the business. Of course, there are cheaper ways to promote the business or the product but leaflet/ flyer distribution always generates a great ROI if it is properly executed. If you are already into this leaflet drop business, but quite worried about seeing your leaflets going directly into the bin because they cannot reach the full potential.

Flyer Distribution Brisbane is the leading agency who is in this distribution business for over 15 years. We have a strong marketing strategy and can easily understand the requirements of the clients. If you are failing to get your targeted audience for the business then you must approach our distribution team whose motive is to provide a high-quality printing service. We have professional walkers who know every technique how to reach the targeted market to promote the business.

Better ideas to stop people throwing your leaflet into the bin directly

If your leaflet is very simple and plain then it is obvious that people will throw them straight into the bin. It can be due to the design of the flyer/leaflet being very simple. 

So rather than e-mailing, many people prefer to have advertising material like flyers, leaflets, pamphlets. You need to target the audience prior to the flyer drops. One must map the area to check where the demand for the product, service is more. Once you do all the above then it becomes easy to fix the frequency of delivering your flyers.


The design of the leaflet or flyer is very important so it should be unique that it attracts the customer to read it. It will get thrown if it is too simple. Also if it is too cluttered then also it will get thrown. So it should be precise and people should know who you are and what you are selling by looking at the leaflet!

If you are using any image in it, must use the best one to draw the attention of the people for your leaflet. But if it is not relevant to what you are promoting and of poor quality then it can lead to a negative impact. Also, you should include the possible way through which the customer can reach you by adding the phone number. Also, you should make social media platform because people do some research before purchasing.


Also, try to offer vouchers or coupons to stand out and get the attention of the potential customer. By adding any voucher client they can purchase your product in the future through your leaflet or flyer. This is the best method when you launch your new business or product.


Last but not least, if you want to distribute your leaflet and flyers then it is necessary that you should get any professional company who can deliver your flyers in the targeted area. And for that, you must hire Flyer Distribution Brisbane who also does the printing along with the distribution of the Flyers/ leaflets. The team of FDB keeps a complete record through the GPS tracking of the walkers while doing the distribution in the target market.


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