What are the effective tips to design the leaflet for the letterbox distribution?

Traditional marketing is also known as impersonal because in it you don’t do direct interaction between the brand and the customer. And it might be true for billboards, radio, and print advertising. But, Flyer Distribution is quite different. Flyer not only includes street leaflet distribution but also direct mail and more.  Therefore, it is a form of advertising that further enables the brand to communicate one-to-one with the customers.

So, are you considering some similar type of marketing for your middle or small business then you can’t go wrong with the letterbox distribution? However, if you choose this type of marketing then you have to be very certain that it is very effective. But before that one should design the leaflet very effectively to make the customer more engaging with the flyer. So, why not book your distribution and design with Flyer Distribution Brisbane. Here are the best tips to design the leaflet:

Use Impressive Words

One of the most important when it comes to design an effective leaflet for distribution is that you must use impressive and words and flair that are catching the attention of the audience. So, you have to ensure that your leaflet gets noticed by everyone and if no one sees it then you can’t communicate your message. Therefore, you have to grab the attention of the people by asking questions like or with a bold statement “Stop Now!”

Write Concise Sentences

Leaflets are small, so one should try to write very concise sentences on them. Also, make sure you are getting the most out of them that you can. 

Therefore, you have to use small sentences typically less than five words in order to get your message out in the targeted market.

Add Pictures

Do you know that leaflets are highly visual? Are you adding the photos to the leaflet? If not then you must choose one or two photos to display on your leaflet. It is another way to get the attention of the viewer.

Don’t create a mess

Are you aware that sometimes a little can go a long way? But a cluttered leaflet will make it the audience difficult to understand and they will just put away the leaflet. So make sure your leaflet should only have the minimum information about the services and the products as well as the contact information.

Have a Call to Action Statement

The last step that comes is that if you want your leaflet to push the potential of the customer to take action then you have to add a call action statement on it, like “call us now”. Just a way to give them a direction.

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