Topmost Ways of Distributing Flyers to the Proper Audience

Flyers, brochures or catalogues and similar kind of marketing materials constitute an essential tool for brand or business advertising. Once designing the flyer or brochure is over, there comes the next crucial step- distribution. So, how do you do it? Here are some great ways to try out.

Distribution in letterboxes

This is undoubtedly one of the most result-oriented ways of flyer distribution in Brisbane, since the letterbox is a quite frequented place. To ensure that it happens properly and the appropriate areas are covered, you can ask for the assistance of an experienced agency which has trained distributors.

Placement within packaged order

Are you running an online shop? Are you taking the help of courier companies to send across all orders? Then there is always the opportunity to insert your flyers along with the packaged orders. In this way, you can not only send flyers, but also brochures, catalogues or leaflets including information regarding your products, coupons, vouchers or other special offers.

Display in business centers

Business centers are great places to display your brochures or flyers, since they are frequented by a large number of people. You can enter into an agreement with the management team of business centers to display your promotional materials in the concerned business locations. This is an extremely targeted direct marketing technique that can bring you good results.

Display in the reception area

If you own an office, the countertops over the reception area are highly visible to everybody including your existing and potential customers. By placing flyers or brochures in the countertops or other such areas such as special displays or stacks, you can easily encourage your clients to pick them up, without asking you for information.

Mailing of flyers

This is one of the most recommended tactics of flyer distribution in Brisbane. You can create a valuable database and then directly mail to them. If you are into business for some years, you must have a database or if it’s a startup you may create a fresh database or even rent one.

Distribution at fairs or trade shows

If you seriously want to market your business, then you must carry your flyers, brochures and other marketing materials whenever you are attending exhibition, fairs or trade shows. You can display your flyers in special dispensers, from where they can easily be picked up by your prospects.

Another great idea would be to ask or enter into a negotiation with the organizers of the trade show or fair to incorporate your brochure in their “welcome page”. The flyers or brochures can also be distributed directly in the hands of visitors.

Tying-up with complementary businesses

Are there any complementary businesses having the same target audience as your business? Then, in exchange of a certain fee, you can negotiate with their management to distribute your flyers, brochures or pamphlets according to their distribution plans. The fee you need to pay will more often than not be lower than the expenses you would incur if you take up flyer distribution in Brisbane on your own.

You may also promote your flyers by placing them at bulletin boards or kiosks at public places like shopping centers. Moreover, you can also create a business presentation folder and place brochures or flyers in the same.


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