The Benefits of Creating Completely Colored Advertising Flyers

Flyers can go a long way in attracting attention, especially when you want to promote special events such as fundraisers, grand openings of store, large discounts, local charity events, and so on. A number of small businesses opt for flyer printing which is quite cost-effective and delivers high quality. For best results, it is advisable to make your flyers completely colorful. Here are some great advantages of printing completely colored advertising flyers.

Drawing the attention

Compared to black and white ones, colored flyers are sure to draw the attention more easily. Without colors, your call to action might fade away, and you would not achieve the desired goals from the campaign.

As a child is attracted to a colorful candy, the viewer’s eyes would be drawn towards the flyer when you opt for full color printing. If a headline is colored, it is obviously highlighted more compared to the rest of the text. The call to action can also be made very catchy with the help of colors.


Flyers printed in full color can lead to easy branding. Your target market will notice your company all the more when every marketing tool is branded. The marketplace offers a lot of choices and to create brand recognition and subsequent recall, consumers should be provided with relevant tools. Remember the Coca Coca logo that comes in red and white? These corporate colors have gained recognition across the globe.

While designing and printing the flyers, try to rope in the brand colors, but make sure not to incorporate a lot of colors. It is good to limit the number of colors within two to four. Position the logo in the flyer in such a manner that the consumer easily notices it and associates the symbol with your business.

Easy to design

It is more convenient to design fully colored flyers compared to black and white ones. When most of the text is of similar color, trying to highlight the most important points is almost next to impossible.

When you go for full color flyer printing, you can make the main message stand out without violating design rules. Make use of different colors, borders, fonts, boxes as well as white spaces to separate information and make the whole thing more presentable.

Competitive pricing

Many are of the idea that black and white printing is cheaper than full color flyer printing. But actually it is not always so. In fact if you are printing a black and white flyer using a laser or an ink jet printer, it is almost the same as printing a fully colored flyer. Do not forget the hidden costs of paper, drum toner when an inkjet printer is used for printing advertising flyers in black and white.

Avail flyer printing and distribution services from a professional company, having the right industry experience. You will get a number of options for cost-effective printing and distribution of flyers to make your marketing campaign a great success.


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