How to create an effective and eye-catchy leaflet?

Being the well-known printing and distribution company of Brisbane, We completely know the power of a perfect leaflet. If you have the best leaflet design, it is the first step to make your leaflet drop successful. For this, your leaflet needs to look classy, well-produced and should also represent your business. It should be designed in the best way that the people who look at it while picking from the doormat should be enticed. Well,  there are many options to be considered as the size, design to be applied and the text to be written on the leaflet. These things are very important for the overall effect and look of the leaflet.

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Steps to make the Leaflet impressive:

Are you wondering how you can make your leaflet more attractive to get more leads for your business? Then you must follow the below-mentioned steps:


Do you know that the first rule of any leaflet is that it should be catchy? The very few seconds are very precious when the recipient holds the leaflet in the hand while coming home. It should be attention-grabbing that the recipient should come back to look at the leaflet again and make use of it in the future. We have also described the type of things one should consider while making the leaflet:

  • Headlines
  • Imagery
  • Colors
  • Posing a question to get the attention of people
  • Effective use of Whitespace

When you put a question it will put the curiosity among the people and making them read on. This has proved to be the best way to make the first impression on the customer. If you will put too much clutter, squashed writing, endless descriptions then there is more possibility that your leaflet will be thrown into the bin. So, to grab the client’s attention it is very necessary to show the best.

Front and back

If you design the leaflet from both the side like front and back then it can prove to be a good idea. As on the front, you can display the attention-grabbing content on the front, and on the back, you can go into a little more details so that you can convince your customer of what you have to offer them. Most of the people don’t act immediately but our motto is to put the leaflet under the fridge magnet and can contact you when they want your service.

Get the help of the Professionals

Most people think that if they will hire a professional then it might cost their pocket but it will pay off through the ROI by getting the perfect design of the leaflet that does the perfect job that you wanted to do.

At Flyer Distribution Brisbane, You will always get all the best advice and help from our team of designers who are always ready to work with you and will provide you the best service. You can contact us by calling us on 07 3133 4913 and start the process to get the perfect design for the product and end with a perfectly executed leaflet distribution by our team of walkers.





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